Due to never-ending road and work accidents and terror attacks, dozens if not hundreds of people join the painful spinal cord injury statistics every year.

Thankfully, many of them are already being helped by the practical application of research supported by the Israel Fund for Spinal Cord Injuries (IFSCI.)

But many more important studies are on hold for lack of funding.

Your donation to the IFSCI will help find medical solutions for thousands of spinal cord injury victims in Israel and around the world, currently confined to their beds or wheelchairs and dependent on others to perform the routine daily functions we all take for granted.

We ask you to help them stand up for themselves.

By Bank Transfer
Account # 49019-58, Branch 904, Leumi Bank

By Mail:
IFSCI, POB 34201, 3 Shatner Center, Jerusalem 91341 ISRAEL